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Praise for
Stella and the Bubble Man
from Writer's Digest

Stella Praise from Writer's Digest_edite

Author: Colleen Clancy Hansen
Illustrator: Anait Semirdzhyan

Stella and the Bubble Man takes the reader on vacation to the coast. 

When Stella has dismissed the possiblity of fun on a cloudy day, the Bubble Man shows up.

There is ample opportunity for adults to lead discussions with children about making the most of bad situations, putting disappointment behind and being inclusive.

The images shed light on diversity with children of different skin tones and abilities.

Have you ever wondered how to talk to a child about differences in abilities or opportunities? The beautifully illustrated book Stella and the Bubble Man can open the conversation.

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I received a call from the Sweetgrass Books about a new Butte book, 48 hrs ago. I was ready to decline the title because we are nearing the end of our summer/tourist season, and I carry many Butte books, so I felt the timing was not good. Then he said it was by a Helena author and I thought, well, most are from Butte authors, so how different could this be? I asked who wrote it since I grew up in Helena and he said Colleen Clancy....the Hansen was not allowed out before I said, "Well, then send me 8, I have to have Colleen's book."
It came 24 hrs ago in one day and I am finished reading it already. Love, love love it. It's a new perspective and one that is like telling my own Butte/Helena/Butte story with Irish and Welsh ancestry as well. I just could not put it down.
Thanks Colleen, you made so many memories come jumping off the pages, old and new.
You were a Senior when I was a Freshman at Cathedral, you were so kind to me. I am sure you would never remember, but I sure do. I recall I even was at a dance with Dennis, I remember wearing a blue dress, maybe it was just one dance as opposed to 'going to the dance' with someone, but I remember the night, it was so much fun.It was at the high school. Those were the days.
Now I am selling your book here at Cavanaugh's County Celtic in historic uptown Butte, America!!! Go raibh maith agat!!
Monica Evans Cavanaugh


Review of

White Structure

Workshops and Presentations

Montana Book Festival 9_28_18.png
Colleen presented a workshop for the Montana Book Festival, "Reimagining Your Poem as a Picture Book," in September, 2018. She also participated in the panel discussion "Writing for Children and Young Adults."

At a "Get Published" conference in Bozeman, MT, 2018, Colleen presented "Don’t Wait for the Green Light: One Author’s Journey to Self-Publication."

Get Published Conference, June 2018

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