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drawing of an eye
drawing of an eye



    Colleen Clancy Hansen's forthcoming historical fiction novel, Eyes Everywhere: Searching for Jewish Children, takes the reader to the precarious time of World War II.

The magic of Ireland helped to inspire Colleen's forthcoming
historical novel,

Eyes Everywhere.

      In September 1939, as Nazis march toward the streets of Warsaw, Peter's parents race to pack jewels and suitcases, stacking them under his four-year-old sister, Minna, in the baby carriage. A rail trip to Paris takes them to grandparents Bebe and Grandfather. But in two months, their danger becomes real, as the kopgeld, French spies, cast their eyes about, looking to turn in Jews for money. Peter and Minna must leave with their mother, Chana, by train, hoping to meet their father in Spain.

      Disappointed when their father does not arrive, they journey to Lisbon, Portugal, where Bebe's old childhood friend, Dona Grace, welcomes them. Dona's warmth and graciousness comforts Peter, who recognizes the peril he and his sister face.

      A secret network of boats conveys the children to Ireland, where a caring family takes them in, as their mother returns to join their father. But new dangers await, even in Ireland.

Colleen at a waterfall in Ireland.
Ha Penny Bridge picture, Ireland

Ha' Penny Bridge

**This book focuses on geography and the Holocaust;

it would be an asset in middle school curriculum.


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